Professional Employer Organizations offer different work comp insurance
solutions to their clients. Knowing your best option is how we help.

Client Policy-

The client policy is an individual policy written for you, but administered by the PEO company. These policies are portable and allow for the continued development of your NCCI experience rating. We advise employers with good modifiers to keep their existing policy in case the PEO company's modifier increases or they leave the PEO relationship. This is also known as a work comp carve-out.

Master Policy-

A master policy means the provider insures all their clients through a licensed carrier that is fully insured at "first dollar coverage" for claims made. First dollar coverage means the carrier pays all expenses for any claims. The policy is written under the PEO company's Federal employer identification number (FEIN) and they maintain the experience rating.

Master Deductible Policy-

A master deductible policy is similar to the master policy, except the PEO service is responsible for claims up to a certain limit (deductible) per claim with an aggregate limit to limit their exposure. PEO  providers with higher deductible policies tend to have more flexibility in the clients they can write, since they have more risk involved.

Captive Policy-

A captive policy works when a separate insurance company is set up by the PEO provider through another licensed carrier (a.k.a. “fronting company”) for the purpose of writing insurance under the captive. The PEO company and fronting carrier share expenses, profits, and losses developed within the policy.