With hundreds of PEO companies offering thousands of options, 
we'll find your perfect fit.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

  • Costs
  • States where coverage is provided
  • A.M. Best rated vs. nonrated work comp carrier
  • Risk acceptance (each company has dramatic differences in the industries they approve!)
  • Ability to approve high experience modifiers or a bad claims history
  • Per claim deductibles (some have them, others don’t)
  • True risk management services or just a handbook

Health Care

  • Costs
  • BCBS, Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare (what’s the best fit where you live?)
  • Deductible options, co-pays and plans
  • Credits for deductibles paid if moving during the plan year
  • Management carve-outs, choice of plans for employees
  • Extra charges for employees working in several states
  • Group enrollment (will they show up for enrollment or expect you to do all the work?)


  • Costs
  • Per check charge or payroll driven percentage
  • Charges or no costs for employee enrollment, garnishments, new hires, etc.
  • Delivery costs (these can vary dramatically from $0 - $25 per payroll!)
  • Payment options: automatic withdrawal (ACH), wire transfers, company check, cashiers’ check
  • Remote check printing options
  • Pay card options
  • Secure-24 hour online access to your company information

Other Differentiating

  • 401(k) costs and annual fees (some PEO companies actually contribute to your plan!)
  • Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) charges and deductibles
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Long and short term disability insurance
  • Life insurance options
  • Dental & Vision plans