Tired of shopping your prospects to people you know nothing about? 
Employee Leasing Quotes knows the industry like no one else.

Defining the differences in hundreds of PEO providers has been over a decade’s worth of work and an ongoing process as the industry continues to advance and evolve.

Cost matters, but service matters even more. We select PEO organizations with years of experience, financial stability and service- focused people to partner with.

Commissions and Incentives

It’s your client and you’re doing the heavy lifting. Agents use our services
for the highest commissions and incentive bonuses in the industry.

Educational and Marketing Material

Proposals don’t close business – you do. But knowing what to ask, how to
walk your client through a PEO proposal and having the best information
available is what we provide that others don't.

Great Service and Fast Approvals

To us, service means good communication, delivering on a promise, being
up front, honest and more than fair with your clients.

We’re licensed agents and professional salespeople with over 20 years of
experience in the PEO industry, so give us a call to talk about your client.
We listen, ask questions and simplify the process.