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Road Construction PEO Programs

How Can PEO Services Help?

Human resource management solutions for businesses continue to evolve. One way you can find the perfect fit is by using a PEO - or professional employer organization, which offers payroll and benefits administration on behalf of their clients in need with full service representation at all levels from surgery through retirement!

Employers in the highway, street, and bridge construction industries rely on PEO services to reduce insurance costs and limit employment liabilities. Professional Employer Organizations are in high demand for dramatically reducing costs and management burdens with the following benefits:

PEO History

PEOs offer a simple concept. Spend time on tasks that generate growth and revenue for your business and outsource the work that doesn't. Like many industries, the costs of workers' comp and group health insurance continue to soar, along with employment laws and lawsuits. PEO companies reduce both labor costs and liabilities.

What Are The Costs of PEO Services?

Much less than in-house costs! PEOs charge an administrative fee that averages between 2-4% of your annual payroll. Compared with in house costs of 7-13%, based on Small Business Administration (SBA) statistics - PEOs are a bargain!

Each provider is unique in their service and benefit offerings. For example, one may include background checks, or pre-hire drug testing in their management fee, while others may charge on an a la carte basis. Understanding your needs and where outsourcing can provide the biggest impact, is just one way we help you through the process.

Why Use ELQ?

As governmental regulations continue to make it tougher to work and be profitable, the right PEO company could provide the impact your business needs. ELQ simplifies the search for the right company at the best price, and we offer the only guarantee in the industry. It's not about finding just any PEO - it's about finding the right PEO solution that can deliver the benefits you need. Call today for answers, pricing, and quotes - we're here to help.