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Virginia PEO Companies

How Can A PEO Help?

A Virginia PEO will manage many of your employment administrative functions, so you can focus on customers and growth. From hiring to retiring, PEO services allow you outsource many of the time consuming tasks that drive zero revenue to your bottom line.

From payroll, tax reporting, workplace safety and benefits management - lowering liabilities and increasing productivity are why more businesses chose a PEO company to partner with.

PEO Advantages:

How Does the PEO Arrangement Work?

Started and still known widely as Employee Leasing, a PEO serves acts as the administrative arm, or back office partner for your Virginia operations. Eliminating the hassles of employment paperwork, reporting of taxes and endless HR responsibilities. PEOs give you the freedom and time for sales, service and growth.

How Can You Save Money With a PEO Company?

While time is the biggest cost savings, there are a number of ways a PEO will put money back into your business. For starters, the average savings on work comp premiums is almost 20% compared with state rates on a PEOs master work comp policy, without down payments or policy fees.

Many providers offer discounted state unemployment rates (suta), saving employers thousands of dollars in taxes. Zero setup fees on company 401k plans, benefits reporting, safety meetings and much more make utilizing a PEO a bargain.

Why Choose ELQ?

As a nationwide PEO brokerage since 2001, we've done the vetting for you - visiting and communicating with hundreds of PEO services each year. Understanding their differences in pricing, services and benefits is how we help our customers connect with the RIGHT partner. Give us a call, ask questions and find out how your Virginia operations will benefit.

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