Get Workers' Comp Savings with Tailored Payroll Services and Great Employee Benefits.

Trucking PEO Companies

Trucking PEO Service Benefits

A Trucking PEO company can save you money on insurance costs, reduce employment paperwork, and give you more time to focus on critical business issues.

Trucking benefits include:

What Do PEOs Charge for Services?

PEOs use one of two pricing models for their administrative fees. The most common is a percentage of your annual payroll and that is typically between 2% to 4%. Another structure utilized is a fixed yearly fee per employee and that averages between $700-$1,200. The percentage model is easy to calculate with your company’s payroll. Some businesses may benefit from the flat fee, because it doesn’t tie a PEO’s cost to employee’s compensation.

PEOs enable their customers to focus on business growth and profitability by outsourcing the time-consuming tasks of employee administration - and that’s what it’s all about. As a nationwide PEO brokerage, understanding your business needs and employee compensation is just one way you’ll save big with ELQ.

Trucking Work Comp Savings With a PEO

Trucking PEO companies can provide an immediate cost savings with their master workers' compensation insurance policy. With hundreds of trucking clients producing millions of dollars in insurance premiums, good risk management practices allow for a quicker reduction in the PEO's experience rating (xmod).

The PEO passes those savings on to their clients, and even trucking companies with poor claims experience can benefit. The average savings is between 17%-20%, but some businesses can experience even greater savings based on their state of operations. The PEO performs a direct audit each pay period, so you’ll never deal with the headaches of compiling data and an unwanted surprise.

Find Trucking PEO Companies for Your Business

Choose the easy way to access a trucking specific PEO for your company and call ELQ. We’ve done the work for you, vetting hundreds of PEO providers from across the country for over 20 years.

Whether you need to improve your employee benefit offerings, lower workers’ comp costs, or remove the headaches and liabilities associated with payroll and HR – we can help. As the nation’s leading PEO brokerage, our process is simple and we give you answers to your questions that make sense. Call today, or request a trucking PEO quote and see how your business will benefit.