Remove Payroll Headaches, Access Great Health Rates and Save on Workers' Comp Insurance.

Pine Bluff PEO Companies

How Can PEO Services Help?

A Pine Bluff PEO service offers back-office support to their client partners by providing workers' comp insurance, HR help, access to employee benefit programs, payroll and more TIME! As an advantage of the co-employment relationship, PEOs assume tax and insurance liabilities, can help employers navigate through complex issues such as ACA reform and other regulations that affect day-to-day business operations.

Also known as employee leasing, PEOs can instantly reduce your Arkansas workers' compensation insurance costs by up to 40% with their master policy program. Plus, you'll gain access to big company benefit plans and outsource payroll for less than you could do on your own!

How Does a PEO Arrangement Work?

When you partner with a PEO company, you enter into what is called a co-employment relationship. With this arrangement, you transfer a substantial portion of the risk and liabilities associated with employees to the PEO. This includes handling of wage and employment taxes. Reporting, collecting and depositing state and federal taxes. Workers' compensation coverage and claims management.

How Many Companies Use PEO Services?

PEOs provide services to between 156,000 and 180,000 small and mid-size businesses, employing between 2.7 and 3.4 million people.

Why ELQ?

Using Employee Leasing Quotes is the easiest way to access the right PEO company for your Pine Bluff business. With over 900 providers to choose from, there may be only one that fits your needs and can truly impact your operations. Give us a call, since 2001 we've saved thousands of employers millions of dollars in taxes and insurance. We're here to help.