Outsource Payroll Headaches, Access Great Employee Benefits and Lower Work Comp Rates.

Texas PEO Companies

Why Use a PEO for Your Texas Company?

A PEO service allows you to outsource employment administrative work for less than you can do on your own, giving you more time to focus on growing your Texas business. Tasks such as payroll and tax filings, safe workplace, unemployment claims hearings and more. Critical, important work that must be done correctly, but also work that doesn't generate a dime of income for your business.

PEO Advantages

Workers' compensation insurance savings of up to 40% off state rates, with no down payments or policy fees! Plus, payroll services provide an exact audit each period, so you'll never experience an unwanted surprise.

PEOs and many HR outsourcing providers offer Fortune 500 benefits with competitive rates, that even small companies can access. HR professionals reduce many employment liabilities by providing assistance with safety and employee handbooks, along with proper hiring and employment procedures.

How Much Do PEO Services Cost?

Most PEOs charge an administrative fee that averages 2-4% of your annual payroll. Compared to in house costs of 8-15%, based on the Small Business Administration's (SBA) statistics and complete services involved - using a PEO is a bargain!

What Are Businesses Saying About PEOs?

According to a recent study by noted economist McBassi & Company.

Why ELQ?

Because each PEO is different and since 2001 we've done the research and vetting on hundreds of providers, so you don't have to! They differ in their industry preferences, employee sizes, benefits, services and of course costs. For example, one may include background checks, or pre-hire drug testing in their management fee, while another charges on an a la carte basis. That's just one way we can help you through the process.

Your business is unique to any other, with different needs and we get that. Whether you work in construction and need relief from high Texas work comp rates, or own a medical practice where employee benefit help is the impact. We know the PEO market and how to help your operations save time and money. Call today and get answer that make sense - we're here to help. 

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