Lower Your Workers' Comp Rates and Eliminate Paperwork with a PEO Service!

Textile PEO HR Outsourcing

What is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

A PEO company is a service that helps businesses succeed by providing efficient HR services and reduced workers' compensation insurance rates. Most business owners are experts in their field- but not in payroll, workers' compensation, HR, and employee benefits. The paperwork involved in those tasks can consume so much time that there isn't much left over for sales.

A great solution is using a PEO company. These providers handle all employee-related paperwork so employers can focus on business growth. The relationship between an employer and a PEO is a partnership, but the business owner remains in complete control over employee management and daily activities. The PEO provides complete payroll and workers' comp management, compliance, and risk management.

Working with a Professional Employer Organization offers your textile business a number of great benefits, including:

Does Using a PEO Affect My Workers' Comp Rates?

Yes! That's one of the reasons more than 3 million US workers are co-employed with a PEO. For many small businesses, workers' compensation insurance is one of the most expensive parts of running their business. But when they use a PEO, they can save up to 40% off state work comp rates. Plus, there are no down payments or fees, and never any year end audits. The PEO provides any certificates of insurance that are needed.

Why Should You Use ELQ?

Since 2001, ELQ has been the expert in finding the right PEO company at the right price. PEOs are all different- and we save you the time and effort required to interview each one. Just one call to us covers all of the bases, because we can quickly match you with a provider that meets your needs. Plus, our negation and leverage in the industry ensure you get the BEST pricing.

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