Payroll, HR and Employee Benefits For Your Law Firm

PEO Services For Attorneys

Why Use A PEO Service?

Those in the legal industry understand the value in limiting liability when possible. For almost 50 years now, employee leasing services - also known as PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) have allowed employers to do just that. Outsourcing payroll and HR services to a PEO places the employer of record status on their shoulders in this "co-employment" relationship. Some of the other benefits in using a PEO company include:

PEO Employee Benefit Offerings

With almost one thousand employee leasing and PEO service providers throughout the country, each is unique in their benefit offerings and pricing. Based on popular and accessible networks, one PEO may provide Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare plans, while another may utilize Aetna. Plan rates and deductible options will often vary dramatically as well, based on management of claims within the PEOs master health plan.

Outsourcing HR and many other administrative tasks makes good sense. Check out our frequently asked questions page, or give us a call and save even more time. Just like you, not all PEOs are alike and finding the benefits that fit your group is where we can help. Information, pricing and quotes are free, so call today.