Towing Workers' Comp Discounts with Payroll for Less Than In-House Costs.

Towing PEO Services

How Can A PEO Help Your Towing Business?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) specializing in the towing industry acts as your company's off-site HR team. Those functions include complete payroll administration, risk management services, access to great employee benefits and more!

PEO providers offer real advantages to towing companies of all sizes. The ability to streamline payroll, insurances and HR services to one source on a pay-as-you-go program simplifies work, saves you money and reduces administrative burdens. Plus, the advantage of co-employment means the PEO assumes tax and other liabilities on behalf of their clients, making it easier to stay focused on growing your towing business.

PEO Service Benefits:

PEOs For Towing Companies

Workers' compensation insurance for towing companies is often one of the highest costs in running the business. Employee leasing services offer discounted work comp rates and allow you to outsource all of the headaches that arise from injury claims. By partnering with a PEO provider, your rates can be dramatically less than standard market rates.

Professional Employer Organizations ensure that your company is always in compliance. With ongoing rules and regulation changes, the PEO's professional HR team ensures you are always protected. Another benefit of utilizing the right PEO company, is access to group healthcare and other employee benefit options - even for small towing businesses.

What Are The Costs?

Average administrative costs with a PEO company run between 2-4% of your annual payroll. A bargain considering the National Chamber of Commerce states that small businesses can spend up to 30% of their time managing employment related work. Plus, recent independent studies have shown businesses who utilize a PEO grow 10% faster, are 50% less likely to go out of business and experience an average of 22% less employee turnover.

Find Your Towing PEO Service?

ELQ was founded in 2001, and can be a great resource for questions about the PEO industry. Our goal is to provide a PEO company that will best fit each unique business. These services are all different in how they work and what they specialize in, so our expertise ensures you have the best match. Let our industry leverage work for you in getting best pricing for towing PEO services.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and we strive for 100% satisfaction. Check out our many customer testimonials, then give us a call or request a towing PEO quote today! Let's find out how your operations could benefit.