Access Fortune 500 Type Employee Benefits, While Outsourcing Payroll HR Administration. 

PEO Companies for Consultants

Why Use A PEO Service?

Unless you are an expert in tax remittance, payroll, and governmental compliance- you’re probably spending too much time on these tasks, and possibly some costly mistakes along the way. A PEO has a team of pHR experts that handle paperwork and administrative duties. When you outsource these headaches, you can get back to growing your business. 

A PEO outsources all of the administrative work that you either handle yourself, or outsource to multiple vendors. Because the PEO assumes all of these jobs, you have one source for all of your needs. And when you outsource to a PEO, you’ll also receive these advantages:

Not all of PEO programs work the same as each HR outsourcing service has different benefits and pricing. Since 2001, ELQ has helped business owners find a PEO organization that can deliver the services they need. Give us call or fill out our quote request form. A short conversation could better your business and allow you to keep more of what you've earned.

What Are The PEO Benefits?

PEO companies offer real advantages to consulting companies of all sizes. The ability to streamline payroll, Human Resources, and insurance to one source simplifies work and reduces administrative burdens. Plus, the advantage of co-employment means the PEO assumes tax and other liabilities on your behalf, making it easier to stay focused on growing your business.

A PEO ensures that your company is always in government compliance. With often changing rules and regulations, a PEO takes these off your plate and helps you follow them. Another benefit is that they are able to offer group healthcare on a budget for small companies who can't find coverage.

How ELQ Can Help?

ELQ gives you the knowledge and leverage to access a PEO service that can deliver the best results. Since 2001, we've been the preferred PEO Broker in the industry, because we take the time to listen before offering solutions. Call for quotes and to get answers to your questions, we're here to help.