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Pennsylvania PEO Companies

Benefits of a Pennsylvania PEO Service

Pennsylvania PEO services take the responsibilities of payroll, HR, risk management and more off a business owner's shoulders, so the focus can be on doing what you do best. In addition, the right Pennsylvania PEO company can offer your business the opportunity to attract more talented employees by providing great employee benefits plans and other perks.

Plus, PEOs assume many of the liabilities associated with payroll, tax filings, employee benefits, and compliance related to employee laws. By outsourcing non-income producing work to a Pennsylvania PEO company, business owners are then free to focus on sales, service and management of employees.

Some of the most common PEO benefits include:

Save Time and Money By Using a Pennsylvania PEO

Far less than in-house costs, the average administrative fee when using a PEO service is between 2% - 4% of your annual payroll. For example, if you have a $300k payroll - a 2% management fee would be $6k yearly. Considering complete payroll and benefits administration, along with risk management and HR services - the value of outsourcing with a PEO can't be beat. More importantly, you'll notice the time savings your Pennsylvania business has gained to operate and work on growth instead of paperwork.

There are many benefits to using a Pennsylvania PEO, but time is one of the biggest reasons business owners say they work with a PEO. Instead of being responsible for the growing list of governmental compliance demands, an employer can focus on growing their business, instead of the business of employment and spend more time improving employee performance.

How Does a PEO Work in Pennsylvania?

When working with a PEO company, your business enters into a shared or co-employment relationship. The PEO becomes the administrative “employer of record" and is responsible for payroll, tax reporting, benefits, risk management and more. You maintain direct control of the day-to-day activities of your employees, while the PEO manages the paperwork.

Pennsylvania PEO Workers' Comp Insurance Benefits

PEO companies co-employ thousands of businesses, so their power in work comp premium provides huge savings up front - even for companies with poor claims history. This allows business owners to take advantage of immediate savings, without waiting years to wash down claims, or build a positive experience rating. Additionally, the PEO's pay-as-you-go program helps employers avoid down payments and policy fees. More Work Comp Benefits Include:

How Do Pennsylvania PEO Services Cost?

Most PEO companies base their administrative charges on the clients gross annual payroll and that averages between 2-4%. Outside of this management fee, some offer more robust benefits such as, background checks, life insurance, employment practices liability, employee counseling services and much more.

Find Top PEO Companies in Pennsylvania

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