Your Hotel Business Can Save Thousands on Workers' Comp Insurance and Receive Complete Payroll Management with a PEO Company!

Hotel & Motel PEO Services

How Can A PEO Help?

PEOs offer a full-service, off-site HR department, allowing you to unload costly administrative functions for less than you could do on your own. You'll gain more time to work on the things that really matter - like growing your business.

How Much Do PEO Services Cost?

Average administrative costs run between 2-4% of annual payroll. It's a bargain- considering the National Chamber of Commerce states that small businesses can spend up to 30% of their time managing employment related work. Plus, recent independent studies have shown businesses who utilize a PEO service are 50% less likely to go out of business, grow 10% faster and experience an average of 22% less employee turnover.

How Does A PEO Relationship Work?

Also known as co-employment, the PEO or employee leasing company becomes the administrative arm of your hotel or motel business. The management of employment is a critical task, but one that also produces no direct income for the business. Payroll, garnishments, tax reporting, human resource issues, unemployment claims and more create a heavy time burden on small businesses.

Why Choose ELQ?

Since 2001, ELQ has made finding the perfect PEO provider fast and easy. With hundreds of PEO, ASO and HR services, there may only be a few truly understand the unique needs in the lodging industry. Give us a call, ask questions and get answers that make sense. We've done the research and the vetting for you - that's all we do! Our success depends on yours and you'll see that we're here to help.