Access Fortune 500 Benefits while Outsourcing Payroll and Saving on Workers' Comp Rates.

New York PEO Companies

Why Use A PEO?

The high costs of employment are just one great reason that New York employers utilize PEO services. PEOs have been one of the fastest growing business trends the last few decades, because they reduce costs and liabilities - while giving you more time to focus on growth. Just a few of the many benefits include:

PEO Advantages

Workers' compensation insurance savings of up to 40% off state rates, with little to no money down! Plus, payroll services provide an exact audit each time you report, so you'll never experience a surprise. PEOs and many HR outsourcing providers offer Fortune 500 benefits with competitive rates, that even small companies can access.

Human resource professionals reduce many employment liabilities by providing assistance with safety and employee handbooks, along with proper hiring and termination procedures.

How Much Do PEO Services Cost?

Most PEOs charge an administrative fee that averages between 2-4% of your annual payroll. Compared to in house costs of 8-15%, based on the Small Business Administration's (SBA) statistics and complete services involved - PEOs are a bargain!

But each provider is different, with unique service and benefit cost offerings. For example, one may include background checks, or pre-hire drug testing in their management fee, while others may charge on an a la carte basis. That's just one way we can help you through the process.

Why ELQ?

For almost two decades, Employee Leasing Quotes has helped New York business owners access a PEO solution that impacted their operations. So whether it's building a better employee benefit offering, lowering workers' comp insurance rates, or outsourcing payroll - we can help. We've done the research and vetting on hundreds of providers from across the country for over 20 years.

Their differences are dramatic, including industry preferences, employee size, benefit programs and costs to name a few. Call today and get answers to your questions. Since 2001, we've helped thousands of companies save millions of dollars in taxes, insurance and time. 

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