Lower Workers’ Comp Rates while Reducing Payroll Headaches and Access Great Employee Benefits.

New Mexico PEO Companies

What Can a PEO Do for My New Mexico Business?

Searching for a quick way to reduce employment costs on your New Mexico business? An employee leasing solution through our PEO programs can do that - and put more time back in your day. Just a few of the beneficial services a PEO provides include:

How Does The PEO Relationship Work?

The PEO becomes an employment administrative partner for your New Mexico operations. Complete payroll services, tax reporting, employee benefits management and many other HR issues are outsourced for much less than in-house costs. As the employer, you continue to run the day to day operations, but with more time to focus on growth and lower business costs. 

What Do New Mexico PEO Services Cost?

For most PEOs, administrative charges are based on a clients gross annual payroll and that averages between 2-4%. For example, if your annual payroll was $350k and the PEO management fee was 2.5% - that's $8,750 for the year. Considering the value of annual payroll services, safety help, employee handbooks, benefits administration and much more - using a PEO is a bargain!

New Mexico PEO Service Agreement Obligations

Most PEO companies have a yearly service agreement. Within the agreement in most cases, a clause is included where either party can exit the relationship provided a 30 day notice is given. The service agreement includes the proposed rates for annual services, as well as both party’s obligations throughout the year.

Find Top Rated New Mexico PEO Providers

Save money, time and streamline services! PEOs have experienced double-digit growth every year for over a decade now - because it makes good business sense. ELQ makes it easy to access the right PEO for your New Mexico operations, at the right price - the first time around.

Why? Because we've done the research, vetting and interviews - for over 20 years now! Call and get answers that make sense, or request a New Mexico PEO quote today.