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Nebraska PEO Companies

Why Use A Nebraska PEO Service?

Nebraska PEO services take the responsibilities of payroll, HR, risk management and more off a business owner's shoulders, so the focus can be on doing what you do best. In addition, the right Nebraska PEO company can offer your business the opportunity to attract more talented employees by providing great employee benefits plans and other perks.

Plus, PEOs assume many of the liabilities associated with payroll, tax filings, employee benefits, and compliance related to any employee laws. By outsourcing non-income producing work to a Nebraska PEO Company, business owners are then free to focus on sales, service and management of employees.

Some of the most common PEO benefits include:

How Does a PEO Work in Nebraska?

Started in the 1970's and still known as employee leasing, the term PEO was coined in the late 1990s. The concept was simple. Create a business service where small to mid-sized business owners could outsource their employee related administrative tasks - to focus on sales, service and the growth of their business.

The PEO company serves as the employment administrative arm of your business. Help from hiring to retirement, most business owners are overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and mandated reporting that comes along with employment.

The employer remains in control of hiring, training and their day to day business functions. The only changes you'll notice is more time to focus on revenue generating tasks and lower employment costs.

How Much Does a PEO Cost?

Most PEO companies charge an administrative fee based on your annual payroll, that typically runs between 2-4%. Compared to in-house costs of 8-15%, based on the Small Business Administration's (SBA) statistics - PEOs are a bargain!

Each PEO provider may have other separate charges for services such as, drug testing, employee handbooks, prevailing wage reports, employment practices liability insurance and safety training. Accessing the right fit for your Nebraska operations is just one of the many ways we help.

Top PEO Companies in Nebraska

Since 2001, ELQ has helped Nebraska business owners access their perfect PEO company to deliver the services they need. Lowering workers' comp insurance rates - we can help. Outsourcing payroll management - we can do that too.

We've done the research and financial background on hundreds of PEOs from across the country for 20 years now - that's all we do! Give us call or fill out our online request form. A short conversation could better your business and allow you to keep more of what you've earned.