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PEO Programs for Miners

Why Use a PEO Company?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have many advantages. One of the biggest benefits is the freedom to focus on running your business, while outsourcing the administrative work that comes with having employees. A PEO’s trained human resource professionals perform all of the payroll and HR tasks that take up so much valuable time.

PEOs use HR experts to keep your company on top of regulations and changes in labor laws and health care. These changes happen every year, and if the necessary actions are not taken, the business owner can face penalties or additional costs.

Additional PEO Benefits Include:

Reasons to Choose ELQ

With over 700 PEO providers to choose from, ELQ uses our industry experience to match your most important needs with the right service.

We guarantee your satisfaction, and you’ll get all of your questions answered up front. We take responsibility for the providers we recommend and hold them accountable for the promises they make.

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