I started Employee Leasing Quotes in 2001 to give employers an 
easier way to find a PEO company that fit the needs of their business.

I was working in the payroll industry and many times competing against PEOs providing employee leasing solutions. I could see that people liked the services and outsourcing all the employment paperwork headaches. The common complaint though, was paying for services they would never use or needing services their PEO provider didn’t offer. There were no independent agents at the time, so employers were left rolling the dice on who appeared to be the best fit. More times than not, this resulted in broken promises and acceptable services at best.

So I started interviewing and evaluating these companies. Learning what makes each different and who their customer size and industry fit really is.

People liked the idea of talking with an independent resource and I enjoy learning about other industries and using my experiences and background to help better a situation.

I’ve seen the success a Professional Employer Organization can have on a business for almost two decades and I get excited each time I have the opportunity to help a business improve. I hope I have the opportunity to meet and help you, but here are a few things you may find interesting about me and my experiences:

  • I'm a fully licensed insurance agent

  • My wife and I met working at a Steak & Ale 27 years ago. Are those still around?

  • I'm a Karma person

  • I'm a huge sports and outdoor activity fan

  • I believe people know the difference between being sold or being helped

Our site may give you more information about me, but I hope you’ll call me directly if you have questions
or think I can help.