Up to 40% off State Workers' Comp Insurance Rates with Payroll Services and Great Benefits.

Massachusetts PEO Companies

Why Use a PEO?

Business owners want to focus their time and energy on growth and revenue not on the business of employment. So each year, more and more Massachusetts companies are connecting with the services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). PEO advantages include:

How Does a PEO Arrangement Work?

Known as a "co-employment" relationship, this unique situation allows businesses to outsource many employment liabilities, while still maintaining the day-to-day control of their employees. The business owner continues to hire, train and schedule their employees.

The PEO is responsible for all of the HR-related tasks, including employee payroll, safety, benefit administration and unemployment claims to name a few.

Workers' Comp Costs with a PEO

For a number of industries, workers' compensation insurance is many times the most expensive part of running a business. That's why many Massachusetts employers are turning to a PEO program to lower premiums and costs. With a PEOs help in safety and risk management services which drive down their experience modification rate, client employers can often save up to 40% off traditional policy rates.

Why ELQ?

As the nation's leading PEO brokerage since 2001, Employee Leasing Quotes is the easiest way to access the right company for your Massachusetts operations. With so many choices, there may be only one that can deliver the benefits you need. We've done the research and vetting on hundreds of PEOs from across the country for 20 years now - that's what we do!

So, whether it's reduced costs on work comp insurance, payroll outsourcing or building a better employee benefits package - give us a call. No one knows the PEO marketplace like we do and no one gives you all the answers to make an informed decision like we will.

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