Outsource Payroll Hassles, Save on Work Comp Insurance Rates and Access Great Employee Benefits.

Little Rock PEO Companies

PEO Benefits for Your Little Rock Business.

PEO Service History

Started in the 1970's and still known widely as Employee Leasing, the term “PEO" - short for Professional Employer Organization began in the late 1990s. This evolution was the result of the industries growth and formation of an association, to work with state governments in understanding the businesses service. For some, employee leasing could also be confused with staffing programs.

PEOs serve as the administrative arm - or back office partner for your Little Rock operations. Eliminating the hassles of employment compliance paperwork, timely reporting of taxes and endless HR responsibilities, PEOs allow your business to outsource a number of administrative headaches – giving you the freedom to focus on sales, service and growth.

PEO Service Costs

On average, administrative costs range from 2-4% of your annual payroll, but some PEOs may also offer a la carte services you would want to consider. Background checks, life insurance, employment liability insurances and company handbooks are just few optional benefits. Removing the headaches of payroll, tax filings, benefits administration and never have a work comp audit - it's not just a good deal, it's a bargain! Outsourcing human resource issues that don't generate revenue, will also give you back your time and the freedom to work on ideas that create profits for your Little Rock operation.

How Can ELQ Help?

As a nationwide PEO brokerage since 2001, we've done the vetting for you - visiting and communicating with hundreds of PEO companies HR outsourcing services each year. Accessing the PEO that best fits your Little Rock business takes time and research.

Understanding their differences in pricing, services and benefits is how we help our customers connect with the RIGHT partner. Give us a call, ask questions and see how we can help.