Access Fortune 500 Employee Benefits while Outsourcing Payroll Headaches and Liabilities.

Kansas PEO Companies

Benefits of a Kansas PEO Service

Florida business owners understand the benefits of payroll outsourcing, and many are now learning more about the added benefits that come with using a professional employer organization. A PEO can benefit almost any industry, and work in almost every state.

PEO services are an easy way for businesses to remove payroll liabilities, access great employee benefits and gain big discounts on Kansas workers' compensation insurance. Outsourcing non-income producing work, gives you the freedom to focus on sales, service and building a better business!

Some of the most common PEO benefits include:

How Does a Kansas PEO Work?

When working with a PEO company, your business enters into a shared or co-employment relationship. The PEO becomes the administrative “employer of record" and is responsible for payroll, tax reporting, benefits, risk management and more. You maintain direct control of the day-to-day activities of your employees, while the PEO manages the paperwork. The only differences you'll notice are lower employment costs and less time spent on work that doesn't generate a dime of revenue. 

Save Money By Using a PEO

Kansas employers can often see discounts on their workers' compensation insurance rates at up to 40% off state rates. PEOs also offer no down payments, or annual audits. How much you save depends on your current situation, so call us today for a free cost analysis.

Administrative costs when using a Professional Employer Organization range between 2%-4% of your annual payroll. This amount is much less than the average 8%-15% ( evaluated by the Small Business Administrations) when managing similar tasks in-house.

Kansas PEO Advantages for Workers' Compensation

PEOs have many benefits, but one of the biggest lies in the master workers' compensation insurance policies for their clients. Most businesses experience immediate savings on rates, while avoiding down payments and state fees. Payroll services also provide an audit each period to ensure accuracy. Every Kansas PEO has specific workers' compensation classifications they can/ cannot cover mandated by their Workers' Compensation insurance policy or other carrier arrangements.

Additional Kansas PEO Workers' Compensation Benefits Include:

What Does a Kansas PEO Cost?

Kansas PEO companies either charge a fixed percentage of your total payroll, or a flat fee per employee. All Professional Employer Organizations charge different rates. Your rate charged will also depend on the amount and type of administrative services needed.

Why Use ELQ?

We've been in the PEO industry since 2001, researching and vetting hundreds of PEO companies. We'll be your best resource to provide a PEO service that can truly impact your Kansas business. 

PEOs are different in their preferred industries, services offered, and pricing. Our team of experts has done the research and vetting for you, saving you time and effort in the interviewing process. This is what we specialize in!

Call our team today or contact us through our online form, and get answers to your questions to see if a PEO program could benefit your Kansas business.