Access Fortune 500 Employee Benefits while Outsourcing Payroll Headaches and Liabilities.

Kansas PEO Companies

What Is a Kansas PEO?

A PEO service takes the responsibilities of payroll, HR and many other employment related administrative tasks off a business owner's shoulders so they can focus on sales, service and growth. Also known as employee leasing, the right PEO can help even the smallest businesses access Fortune 500 type benefits to attract and retain valuable employees.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Kansas PEO?

When you outsource with the right PEO company, you immediately gain relief from the burdens of paperwork, claims and liabilities. The PEO provider keeps you updated on new business compliance regulations, so you can stay focused on running your business.

More PEO Advantages Include:

How Does a PEO Work?

When you partner with a PEO, you enter into what is called a co-employment relationship. In this arrangement, you transfer a substantial portion of the risk and liability associated with employees to the PEO. This includes handling of wage and employment taxes, claims management, benefits administration and so much more. 

You continue to run your business as usual, hiring, training and scheduling the day to day tasks. The only differences you'll notice are lower employment costs and less time spent on work that doesn't generate a dime of revenue. 

Do PEOs Lower Kansas Work Comp Rates?

Yes! Kansas employers can often see discounts on their workers' compensation insurance rates at up to 40% off state rates. PEOs also offer no down payments, or annual audits. How much you save depends on your current situation, so call us today for a free cost analysis.

Why ELQ?

We've been in the PEO industry since 2001, researching and vetting hundreds of PEO companies. We'll be your best resource to provide a PEO service that can truly impact your Kansas operations. PEOs are different in their industry likes, terms and pricing. We save you the time and effort required to interview each one.

Plus, our negotiation and leverage in the industry ensures you get the BEST pricing. Call today for more information and see how a PEO can benefit your business. 

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