Lower Work Comp Rates while Outsourcing Payroll Headaches and Access Fortune 500 Benefits.

Jonesboro PEO Services

How Can a PEO Service Help?

With savings on workers' comp, complete payroll administration and affordable employee benefit options, PEOs help you streamline, save money and gain time. HR outsourcing has become one of the hottest business trends and continues to experience double-digit growth each year.

How Does a PEO Arrangement Work?

Started and still known widely as Employee Leasing, a PEO serves as the back office partner for your Jonesboro operations. Eliminating the hassles of employment compliance paperwork, timely reporting of taxes, payroll, risk management and so much more. PEOs give you the freedom and time for sales, service and growth of your business.

How Can You Save Money With a PEO Company?

While time is the largest savings, there are a number of ways that outsourcing with a PEO will put money back into your business. For starters, the average savings on Arkansas work comp rates is almost 20% on a PEOs master work comp policy with little to no down payments, or policy fees.

Many providers offer discounted state unemployment rates (suta), saving employers thousands of dollars in taxes. Plus, zero setup fees on company 401k plans, benefits administration, safety meetings and much more make utilizing a PEO a bargain.

PEO Benefits Include:

How Can We Help?

As the nation's leading PEO brokerage since 2001, we'll give you the information and pricing to make an informed decision. We've done the research and made the trips to hundreds of PEO providers through the years. Understanding their industry preferences, employee size groups and more is just one way we can help. Give us a call and find out outsourcing can help your Jonesboro business. We're here to help.