Savings on Arkansas Workers' Comp Rates, Fortune 500 Benefits and Payroll Services.

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How Can a PEO Help Your Fayetteville Business?

By reducing employment related costs and giving you more time to work on things that really matter, like growing your business. With savings on Arkansas workers' comp insurance, complete payroll management and affordable employee benefit options, a PEO service helps you streamline, save money and gain time.

PEO Benefits

PEO History

PEO (Professional Employer Organization), or employee leasing services have been around for almost 40 years now serving every state and industry. A unique co-employment relationship, allows the business owner to outsource employment administration tasks such as, HR, payroll management, compliance and much more. This enables businesses to focus on BUSINESS - not employment issues.

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How We Help

With hundreds of PEO and HR outsourcing providers to consider, there may be only one that fits the needs of your unique Fayetteville operation. Using ELQ is the easiest way to find the right provider for you. Give us a call, since 2001 we've saved thousands of employers millions of dollars in taxes and insurance. Get answers that make sense, we're here to help.