Big Workers' Comp Insurance Savings for Farmers with Payroll Outsourcing Services.

Farming PEO Services

How Does a Farming PEO Relationship Work?

Using a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, that specializes in the agricultural industry is the best way to save time and money. PEOs insure safety training, verify immigration documentation, keep proper payroll records, and provide an experienced bilingual staff that completely understands the farming industry.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), is an HR outsourcing service for small and midsize businesses, providing workers' compensation insurance, payroll and employee benefits administration, claims management, and governmental compliance assistance. Utilizing a PEO for your businesses allows you to focus on growth and business expansion.

The Department of Labor with the Department of Homeland Security and US Immigration has laid out a very structured program that allows farmers to hire employees from out of the country to harvest crops. The farmers who enter the program are subject to a high level of observation and inspection to insure worker safety, compensation, housing, and more.

Farming PEO Service Benefits

The farming and agricultural industry often requires multiple pay structures, along with unique seasonal employment needs. A PEO solution provides pay as you go workers' compensation insurance with complete payroll administration to alleviate the headaches of timely tax reporting, while eliminating work comp audits.

PEOs can provide immediate discounts on workers' comp insurance for harvesters with little to no money down, manage unemployment claims, and eliminate a number of employment related liabilities. Some common PEO service benefits include:

Cost of Farming PEO Services

PEO companies either charge a fixed percentage of your total payroll, or a flat fee per employee. All professional employment organizations charge different rates. Your rate charged will also depend on the amount and type of administrative services needed.

Advantages of Using a Farming PEO for Workers' Compensation

PEOs have many benefits, but one of the biggest lies in the master workers' compensation insurance policies for their clients. Most businesses experience immediate savings on rates, while avoiding down payments and state fees. Most PEOs will have insurance with the large, nationwide workers' compensation insurance companies and can provide their clients with savings of up to 40% off state rates.

Payroll services also provide an audit each period to ensure accuracy. Every PEO has specific workers' compensation classifications they can/ cannot cover mandated by their Workers' Compensation insurance policy or other carrier arrangements.

Other farming PEO Workers' Compensation Benefits Include:

Statistics on Using a PEO

According to a recent study by noted economist McBassi & Company:

Why Work with ELQ to Find a PEO?

With almost a thousand PEO programs on the market, there may only a handful of providers that specialize in the agricultural industry. Needs that separate PEO services are high work comp experience ratings (claims), height restrictions and the states where work is performed. Since 2001, ELQ has made the process of choosing the right company fast and simple.

We identify your most important needs and provide the perfect fit for your operations. We've done the research for you, traveling and meeting with PEO providers - understanding their strengths and limitations. Give us call or fill out our online form to find out more. Transparency and information are key for these services working for you.