Lower Workers' Comp and Group Health Rates, while Outsourcing Payroll Headaches.

North Carolina PEO Companies

What Do PEO Services Do?

With a PEO, or professional employer organization-a full service human resource outsourcing company that provides payroll and benefits administration on behalf of businesses in need. Some providers also have strategic services but no two are alike so it's often beneficial to work with someone that has done the research on the various offerings before making any decisions.

Why Use A PEO?

PEO services have been helping North Carolina businesses for almost 40 years offering the following benefits:

How Does A PEO Company Work?

The PEO simply becomes the administrative arm for your North Carolina operations, allowing you to unload a number of employment related tasks. Helping with proper hiring and termination processes, to payroll, tax reporting, safety, benefits administration and more. The right PEO service is all about giving you more time to build your business.

What Are the Workers' Comp Insurance Benefits With A PEO?

A PEO can provide big savings on workers' compensation insurance, with little to no money down! Utilizing the PEO and employee leasing companies' "master policy", allows industries in construction, trucking and staffing to access immediate savings - while outsourcing payroll for less than you can do on your own.

What Can A PEO Do For You?

PEOs have experienced double-digit growth each year for more than a decade now. Why? Because unloading work that doesn't drive revenue and takes time away from opportunities that do, allows for growth of your North Carolina company.

Why Choose ELQ?

Each PEO is different, just like any business - with unique benefits and services. They specialize in different industries, states and employee size groups. And of course their pricing varies dramatically too. Employee Leasing Quotes provides the expertise and experience in the PEO market to help you access your perfect service provider.

Since 2001, we've done the research and vetting of hundreds of PEOs from across the country, so you don't have to. Contact us today and see how a PEO could benefit your business.