Up to 40% off Workers' Comp Rates with Payroll Outsourcing and Great Employee Benefits.

Delaware PEO Companies

Delaware PEO Overview

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), also known as employee leasing companies, have been helping Delaware business owners for over 40 years. PEOs provide businesses with a wide range of HR services, to remove time consuming tasks. Outsourcing non-revenue producing work to a PEO, allows for more time to focus on sales, service and growth!

What Can a Delaware PEO Service Do for You?

Most business owners don't have the in-house resources, knowledge, or skills in risk management, HR, payroll, and accounting. Partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) can alleviate a vast amount of a company's employment responsibilities and liabilities related to compliance, payroll, along with tax reporting.

They can also lower your workers' compensation insurance premiums, which is often the most expensive cost in running some businesses. Plus, many PEO providers offer Fortune 500-type benefits with great rates, a key in attracting and retaining talented employees.

Other ways a Delaware PEO service provider can help include:

How Does a Delaware PEO Provider Work?

In a co-employment relationship, the PEO acts as the administrative employer and the client acts as the worksite employer. The employer maintains control of their business and is in charge of all business decision making including employee supervision and staffing decisions. PEOs handle the majority of tedious administrative tasks associated with the employment relationship.

Can a PEO Service Lower My Workers' Comp Insurance Rates?

Yes! Workers' compensation rates can often have a large financial impact on an employer's business. That's where a PEO provider for your Delaware business can help. As work comp rates rise, they offer discounts that your company may not be able to receive on its own. The PEO offers no down payments, or state policy fees. PEOs also work with you when a work comp claim happens to reduce the overall impact, both immediately and long term. 

Workers' compensation advantages:

Why Use ELQ?

PEOs are different in their preferred industries, services offered, and pricing. Our team of experts has done the research and vetting for you, saving you time and effort in the interviewing process. This is what we specialize in!

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