Outsource Payroll Headaches, While Saving on Group Health Rates and Other Great Benefits.

Covington PEO Providers

How Can PEO Services Help Your Business?

Save up to 40% on Kentucky workers' comp insurance and access great employee benefits at reduced rates! Plus, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) allows you to outsource payroll and HR tasks, so you can focus on things that really matter - like growing your business.

Business owners want to focus their time and energy on the "business of their business" and not on the "business of employment." As businesses grow, most owners don't have the necessary human resource training, payroll and accounting skills to meet the demands of today's employer. PEOs give small-group markets access to many benefits and employment services they would not have otherwise.

How Can Employees Benefit From a PEO Relationship?

Through a PEO, the employees of small businesses gain access to Fortune 500 type benefits such as: 401(k) plans; health, dental, life, and other insurance they might not typically receive as employees of a small company.

Job satisfaction and productivity increase when employees are provided with professional HR services, enhanced benefits, training, employee manuals and improved communications.

Are The PEOs Employee Benefits A Requirement?

The answer is no with most PEO companies. If you have benefits in place, many times we’ll compare those against the PEO company’s plans to ensure you’re getting the best deal. If you choose to keep your current benefits, the PEO can pre-tax deduct those through payroll each pay period.

Why Choose ELQ?

We've been in the Employee Leasing PEO industry since 2001 and we're experts in our field. We'll be your best resource to access a PEO company that will best fit your unique business. PEOs are different in their services, benefits and pricing. We save you the time required for countless interviews and questions, as we've done the vetting for you - that's what we do!

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry and strive for 100% satisfaction. Read our success stories, then give us call. We'll help you start saving time and money today.