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California PEO Companies

What is a California PEO Company?

A PEO company takes the responsibilities of payroll and benefit administration, HR, risk management and more off a business owner's shoulders so he/she can focus on growing profits and expanding business. A PEO also offers smaller businesses the opportunity to attract more talented employees by providing excellent employee benefits plans and other perks they might not otherwise offer.

In addition, PEO companies assume many of the liabilities associated with payroll, tax filings, employee benefits, and compliance. The employer remains responsible for day-to-day operations, such as hiring and firing and supervision of employees. The biggest change you'll notice in working with a PEO is lower employment costs and more time for productive tasks. 

PEO Services Also Include:

Advantages of Using a PEO Provider

There are many benefits to using a California PEO, but TIME is one of the biggest reasons business owners say they work with a PEO. Instead of being responsible for the ever growing list of governmental compliance and tax requirements, waste garnishments and claims management - an employer can focus on profit producing activities to grow their business and spend more time improving employee performance.

Other PEO Advantages Include:

How Does a California PEO Relationship Work?

When you partner with a PEO Employee Leasing Company, you enter into a co-employment relationship. This means that the PEO assumes a number of employer liabilities, such as tax remittance, payroll processing and benefits administration. The employer continues to maintain control the business and employees, hiring, terminating and scheduling as normal.  

Why ELQ?

Choosing a PEO service is a big decision and we treat it that way. We listen to your needs, ask questions and create solutions that produce a positive impact on your business. You'll save time spent calling dozens of PEOs and filling out countless questionnaires, as we've done the work for you. Since 2001, we've vetted, researched and visited with hundreds of PEO companies nationwide. Use our expertise and leverage to make sure you're getting the best PEO at the best price. Call today and learn more - we're here to help.

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