What Benefits Should Employers Offer?

Employee benefits are often considered one of the most important factors when looking for a new job. And it’s no wonder - who wouldn’t want their employer to help them with things like healthcare, retirement savings, and paid time off? While the specific benefits that employees want can vary depending on their individual circumstances, there are some employee benefits that are more popular than others.

It’s always a good idea for a company to offer proper healthcare benefits, but we reached out to three CEOs and small business founders who have decided to provide some “out of the box” benefits that you should also consider for your employees. 

What Benefits Do Today’s Employees Want?

Healthcare is usually at the top of the list, followed by savings plans and paid vacation days. But in today's competitive job market, you may want to consider a fresh approach to benefits with things like remote working options, home-office reimbursement, and flexible schedules. Ultimately, employees want benefits that will make their lives easier and help them save money. And employers who offer these types of benefits are often the most successful in attracting and retaining the best talent.

Changing Default Workday Expectations

The best benefit you can give your employees is time

"We offer a 4-day working week. We were reducing the number of hours worked on Fridays – Q1, we worked 6h on Fri, Q2, we worked 4h of Fri, now from Jul 1st we’ve been enjoying free Fridays. For now, it’s a pilot scheme (and summer definitely helps sorting it out). As a CEO, I can see that productivity and employee satisfaction increases. The biggest and best benefit you can give your employees is TIME, they can spend it as they want."

Kinga Edwards

Kinga Edwards, CEO at Brainy Bees

Two Ways To Support Your Remote Employees

Investing into employees' work from home is an underrated benefit

"Investing into employees' work from home setups is one of the most underrated benefits small businesses can give employees. Even small things like a pair of headphones or a standing desk can make a long-lasting impact on the day to day." 

Chris Tweeten

Chris Tweten, CMO at Spacebar Collective

Offering Paid Time Off for Employees

Giving unlimited PTO

“We want happy, enthused, refreshed team members. We do this with a 3 pronged approach. We give unlimited PTO, and team members don't qualify for bonuses if they aren't taking PTO. We also provide $400 a quarter for all full time members to spend on their wfh setups. And a $400 a year health benefit. The health benefit can be used for the gym, yoga classes, a bike, you name it.”

Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer, Founder Review Grower

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