When hurricane season arrives, so do the needs of contractors looking to secure workers’ compensation coverage to help with the cleanup in coastal states and cities. Since 2001, we’ve helped dozens of roofing, tree service, debris removal and other businesses access workers’ compensation insurance through a PEO company that specializes in disaster recovery services. 

How Does a PEO Help Disaster Recovery Businesses? 

A PEO that specializes in disaster  recovery quickly covers employees  for workers’ comp so they  can get to work

For starters, unless your business currently has workers’ comp coverage and is located in the state of the hurricane, you may find it difficult to access coverage based on your current policy’s restrictions, along with the impacted state’s laws for coverage requirements. 

A PEO company that specializes in disaster recovery can quickly help those businesses with or without current coverage move fast to get employees covered for workers' comp and work started. Even better, initial start up costs are much lower than a traditional policies down payments and state fees. 

Additional PEO Benefits

Plus, a key benefit through a PEO is their pay-as-you-go payroll service, which eliminates audits, state and federal tax reporting and W2 compliance. These services easily allow you to hire employees within the state affected and manage the administrative work. 

Through a PEO's robust online payroll platform, the PEO can manage wage garnishments and quickly pay the employees with direct deposit or pay cards, eliminating time consuming checks to delivered and disbursed. 

More PEO advantages include:

  • Workers’ compensation discounts
  • Complete risk management
  • Unemployment claims management
  • No work comp audits
  • Enhanced payroll services
  • EPLI options
  • Broad range of employee benefits 
  • And more!
PEOs manage wage garnishments and quickly pay employees with free direct deposit or pay cards

PEOs Work for Hurricane Cleanup Businesses

A good example of these benefits is hurricane Ida, that affected thousands of Louisiana residents. Within a week after Ida made landfall, we were able to help dozens of contractors from out of state performing blue tarping work on roofs, debris removal, and water remediation services. 

The right PEO company gives you the freedom to focus on work that really matters. Payroll, tax reporting, workers' comp audits and unemployment claims waste time and don't produce a dime of revenue. A PEO lets you focus on growth for far less than in-house costs, while providing a team of HR experts to reduce your employment liabilities. 

You can also see savings on workers' compensation insurance with little to no-money down on a pay-as-you-go plan with no audits. Plus, you'll gain access to Fortune 500 style employee benefits at reduced rates, such as group healthcare, dental, vision, disability and life insurance - even 401(k) savings plans.

A PEO lets you focus on growth while reducing your employment liabilities

Find Help with PEO Experts

If you have questions regarding Professional Employer Organizations, give us a call. Since 2001, we've helped thousands of employers access their perfect PEO company. Just as your business is unique to any other, so is each PEO. They work with different industries and employee size groups. Their service and benefit offerings, along with contracts and pricing vary dramatically. 

As a preferred PEO brokerage, we've done the research for you - that's what we do! You'll save the time from interviewing and vetting over 700 providers, while saving money as we deliver the benefits you need.

The impact our client companies have shared and what you can expect include more time to focus on business and growth, reduced costs on insurances, and lower employment liabilities. Call or fill out our quote request form, learn more and see how your business could benefit – we’re here to help. 

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About the Author: Mike Burgelin

With two decades of experience in the PEO Employee Leasing industry, Mike Burgelin is an expert in helping business owners maximize their growth potential through the outsourcing of human resources and payroll tasks. He is also a fully licensed insurance agent, whose skills and knowledge in workers’ compensation insurance help his clients save over $40 million in premiums each year.