You started your business to sell a product or provide a service, and generate revenue doing what you do best.

Then you quickly discover the necessary but time-consuming issues of employee payroll administration, workers' compensation insurance, and employee benefit management- along with governmental compliance hassles. Work that keeps you from making more money!

Outsourcing these tedious services to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)- eliminates these problems!

PEOs are responsible for the administrative burden and state and Federal compliance

When you partner with a PEO provider, they become your "co-employer". You retain all current responsibilities for managing and directing your business and employees. The PEO simply assumes the responsibility for the administrative burden and state/federal compliance requirements. You focus on your business, and they focus on the paperwork. 

Additionally, PEOs are the co-employer for thousands of employees nationwide, your company has access to benefits generally only available to large corporations. A PEO company's healthcare and other benefit offerings provide you with significant cost savings, as well as a competitive edge allowing you to attract, motivate and retain the best employees you can find.

Co-employment allows you to cut your administrative burden, business costs and compliance risk.

PEOs offer pay as you go workers compensation insurance with huge discounts

A PEO service will process and deliver your payroll, or provide free direct deposit for your employees. The PEO is liable for all your state and Federal tax deposits, submit quarterly and year-end reports - they even mail out W-2s and wage garnishments! 

You'll also get the advantage of pay-as-you-go workers' compensation insurance, with discounts unavailable through traditional carriers- at up to 40% less!

PEO services will change how you do business, giving you more productive time to generate income for your company- doing what you do best!

For over 25 years, business owners have relied on HR outsourcing and PEO solutions to drive down employee related costs. ELQ makes it easy for you to choose a provider that can deliver the services you need.

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About the Author: Mike Burgelin

With two decades of experience in the PEO Employee Leasing industry, Mike Burgelin is an expert in helping business owners maximize their growth potential through the outsourcing of human resources and payroll tasks. He is also a fully licensed insurance agent, whose skills and knowledge in workers’ compensation insurance help his clients save over $40 million in premiums each year.