Employers in highway, street and bridge construction rely on PEO services to keep work comp insurance and other employment related costs down - it's a matter of survival.

A Professional Employer Organization can reduce insurance costs by up to 40% compared with traditional insurance markets, while eliminating the hassle of audits by outsourcing payroll on a pay-as-you go plan.

Plus, access to Fortune 500 type benefits and unloading the headaches of compliance issues, payroll administration and host of other HR tasks gives you more time to focus on growth. To win bids, remain competitive and experience growth, call Employee Leasing Quotes. With over two decade of experience in the PEO, ASO and staffing industries, we understand the right provider - not just any provider, makes all the difference.

As governmental regulations continue to make it tougher to work, employ and be profitable, an employee leasing solution for your highway, street and bridge construction operation could provide the impact your business needs.

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