So how can your Grocery store benefit from a PEO service?

  • Huge savings (up to 40%) on workers' compensation insurance. Plus, no annual audits and no money down on a pay-as-you go plan, providing extra cash flow for your business.
  • Reduced rates on group health insurance, dental, vision, even 401(k) savings plans.
  • Payroll services that unload the hassles of accurate and timely payroll tax reporting and quarterly and year-end reports.
  • Human resources. Free up time spent on employment related issues and increasing governmental compliance tasks.

Why choose Employee Leasing Quotes to find the right HR outsourcing service for you?

Simple - we give you proposals that deliver the benefits you require. We quickly filter through the maze of hundreds of employee leasing companies, who offer uniquely different services to access proposals that fulfill your Grocery store's business needs. You'll get the services you want, at the best possible price – we guarantee it!