Imagine if payroll, tax reports, work' comp audits and so many other time-consuming hassles were someone else's problem. For years now, Pueblo employers have been using Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to eliminate time spent on non-income producing work, which results in more time spent on ideas that boost the bottom line.

Some of the benefits of using a PEO service include complete payroll management, access to HR professionals and employer health insurance plans at reduced rates. Plus, you could see discounts on your Colorado workers' compensation rates as high as 40%! A PEO, also known as employee leasing, has the power to transform your business by streamlining your payroll, benefits and human resource needs with one provider. You'll save time, money, reduce liabilities and responsibilities.

Call Employee Leasing Quotes to find the right provider for you. With hundreds of PEOs, ASOs and staffing options - there may be only one that can deliver the benefits your business needs. Find out if these services would benefit your business and call today, we're here to help.