How will an employee leasing solution through a PEO benefit your painting business?

  • Huge discounts on painters workers' comp insurance. Plus no money down, pay-as-you-go plans, with no annual audits.
  • Access to great employee benefit plans like healthcare, dental and vision at reduced rates.
  • Complete annual payroll management. One-time payroll tax payments, quarterly and year-end report filings, wage garnishments and more.
  • Professional human resource help that's specific to the painting industry. Get answers from the leasing providers HR team of experts.

Whether it's saving on painters work comp insurance, driving down employee benefit costs or online payroll services, Employee Leasing Quotes identifies the most important needs of your business - and delivers solutions through a PEO who can deliver results. Give us call us and get answers, pricing and proposals. There's no obligation, only the opportunity to impact your business.