Why spend 15 minutes to save $500, when a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can save you thousands each year? You'll be shocked at the savings you can get from a PEOs master work comp policy on a paygo plan, with no money down.

Plus, outsourcing payroll tax liabilities, HR compliance issues and a slew of other administrative functions just makes good sense. Today's business owner needs help managing increasingly complex employment related matters, like new Affordable Healthcare Act requirements, risk management and workers' comp audits to name a few. Employee leasing human resource experts can train, educate and help in maximizing the value of each employee.

Give Employee Leasing Quotes a call for answers to your questions about outsourcing. We started helping business owners in 2001 and Employee Leasing Quotes has clients in the elevator sales and service industry. While each PEO varies in pricing and services, there may be only one that can truly deliver the benefits your business needs. Call today, we're here to help.