What is a PEO Company?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), also known as employee leasing - provides employers of elevator companies with a wide range of human resources services. Business owners enjoy more time to focus on running their business and relief from the need to stay current on employment-related laws, reports, and tax deposits.

In addition, PEO companies assume most of the responsibilities associated with payroll, including all tax filings, employee benefits, and compliance. The employer remains responsible for day-to-day operations, such as hiring and firing and supervision of employees.

PEO, employee leasing services also include:

Workers' Compensation Claims Administration
Family and Medical Leave Act Administration
Risk Management
Direct Deposit/ Check Printing
Complete HR Administration, including safety and regulatory compliance
401(k) Savings Plans
Drug Testing

How Does a PEO Relationship Work?

When you partner with a PEO Company, your elevator business enters into a co-employment relationship. This means that the PEO assumes parts of your employer responsibilities, such as tax remittance, payroll processing and benefits administration. Your employees become co-employed by both you and the PEO, giving you access to the PEO company's HR, compliance, benefit, payroll and tax infrastructure.

You maintain the day-to-day operations of your business without losing control of operations or employees. You are still responsible for hiring and firing, training and management of your employees.

Why Use Employee Leasing Quotes?

Choosing a PEO service is a big decision and we treat it that way. We listen to your needs, ask questions and create solutions that produce a positive impact on your business. You'll save the time you would spend calling dozens of PEOs and filling out countless questionnaires- we do the work for you. We'll use our expertise and leverage to make sure you're getting the best PEO at the best price. We've been helping business owners in the elevator industry find their unique employee leasing solution since 2001, and we would love to help you. Call us today to find out how much you could be saving!