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Imagine reducing your Oregon workers' comp insurance by as much as 40%, gaining access to big company benefit plans and unloading tedious payroll management tasks. An Oregon PEO providing an employee leasing solutions can do just that!

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) started almost 40 years ago now with a simple concept that makes sense. Pour your effort and time into tasks that generate growth and revenue for your business - and outsource the work that doesn't create a dime of income. Like many states, Oregon work comp and group health insurance costs continue to increase along with employment laws and lawsuits. Employee leasing companies can reduce both labor costs and liabilities.

Call Employee Leasing Quotes for information, pricing and quotes. With hundreds of PEOs, ASO's (administrative service organizations), staffing companies and unique HR service providers, there may be only one that best fits your Oregon business. Use our industry knowledge to deliver a solution that makes an immediate impact. In just 5 minutes, you may discover thousands of dollars in savings.