What Services are Provided by a Kentucky Employee Leasing Company?

Also called a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), employee leasing services provide Kentucky businesses a way to unload the heavy administrative work related to employees and employment. As a back office partner, a PEO provides services like workers' compensation insurance, payroll and benefits administration, HR management, and governmental compliance assistance.

Employee Leasing Services Include:

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Insurance with No Audits
Direct Deposit/ Check Printing
Risk and Claims Management
Unemployment Assistance
Complete HR Administration, including safety and regulatory compliance

Why Should Your Business Use a Kentucky PEO?

You started your business to do something you love, not deal with the headaches of employee management. Most employers don't have the necessary training in benefits, payroll, accounting insurance and compliance to keep their business afloat. PEOs handle all of that so you can focus on business growth and opportunity.

How Does a Kentucky Employee Leasing Arrangement Work?

Your company enters into a co-employment relationship with a PEO. With this arrangement, you transfer a substantial portion of the responsibilities associated with employees to the PEO. This includes handling of wage and employment taxes, responsibilities of reporting, collecting and depositing state and federal taxes, plus workers' compensation and unemployment claims management. Your company continues to retain day-to-day control and direction of your employees.

PEO Workers' Comp Advantages

For some industries, the rising costs of workers' compensation insurance is their biggest expense. A Kentucky PEO provider can save employers up to 40% off their state rates. There are no down payments or fees, and never any year end audits. The PEO provides any certificates of insurance that are needed.

Why Choose Employee Leasing Quotes?

We've been in business since 2001 and understand the differences in PEOs and how they work. Not every one can provide the services and programs your unique business needs. Employee Leasing Quotes saves you the time and energy interviewing multiple companies to find the right provider for your Kentucky operations. We work with dozens of leasing companies, so we can be objective and work for your best interests. Plus with our help, you'll feel confident knowing you got the best PEO, at the best possible price.

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