Lower Your Workers' Compensation Rates while Outsourcing Payroll through Our Employee Leasing Staffing Programs.

Staffing PEO Companies

How Can A PEO Help Your Staffing Business?

PEO services have become a vital companion to those in the staffing industry, who know first-hand the value of outsourcing employment liabilities. PEOs, or employee leasing companies have become an important partner through these core benefits.

Staffing Employee Benefits

Many times, staffing companies just don't have the ability to offer affordable benefit plans. A PEO can offer a wide variety of group healthcare and 401(k) retirement plans, as well as dental and vision coverage, life insurance and more.

Staffing Workers' Compensation Insurance Savings

Often a critical piece affecting profit margins, the right PEO service is able to provide big discounts on workers' comp premiums. Plus, little to no money down and NO AUDITS provide additional savings while removing more administrative work.

Complete Payroll Processing

PEO companies remove the burden of payroll for staffing firms, with free onsite check printing options, visa pay cards, complete tax reporting and more. Robust, online HR payroll platforms provide easy employee record maintenance with access to PTO tracking and W2's.

Human Resources Administration

Liabilities come with running a staffing company and a PEOs HR experts help you manage them. Services such as drug testing, e-verify, management training, employee and safety handbooks are offered at a fraction of the cost at doing it on your own.

Is a PEO Right for My Business?

Staffing companies have taken advantage of an employee leasing solution through a PEO for decades now. ELQ has been helped hundreds of staffing employers find the best PEO firm since 2001. Unlike most, we understand your staffing business is different than any other and so are the PEOs that provide services to the industry. Each has different benefits and servicing costs. They work in different states and have different program options. We take the time to know your business needs first and the areas you want to improve on before providing an answer. Give us call, we're here to help.