Staffing PEOs have become a vital companion to those who know first-hand the value of outsourcing employment liabilities! Professional Employer Organizations have become an invaluable partner in creating more profits for staffing services through these core benefits.

  • Huge savings on a master workers' compensation policy, with discounts of up to 40%. Plus, no audits and little to no money down.
  • Total payroll management and HR compliance help. Outsourcing back-office frustrations allows you focus on core services that generate revenue!
  • Healthcare, supplemental insurance options and savings plans. Let the PEO deal with new benefit laws.

Staffing companies have taken advantage of an employee leasing solution through a PEO for decades now - so how about you? Employee Leasing Quotes has been helped hundreds of staffing employers find the best PEO outsourcing firm for almost 20 years. Unlike most, we understand your staffing business is different than any other and so are the PEOs that provide services to this industry. Each has different benefits and servicing costs. They work in different states and have different program options. Employee Leasing Quotes takes the time to know your business first and the areas you want to improve on before providing an answer.

Give us call and get answers. It's your money, keep more of it!