What Does a PEO Do for Roofers?

PEOs handle administrative burdens so business owners can focus on growth. Payroll, garnishments, compliance and other tasks can take hours, especially if you aren't an expert. And you may face governmental fines for mistakes and tardiness.

More advantages include:

  • Big savings on workers' compensation with no money down, pay-as-you -go policies and no annual audits.
  • Online payroll services, including quarterly and year-end reporting, issuance of w-2s, wage garnishments, direct deposit and more.
  • Human resource management that makes sure you stay in compliance with never-ending governmental regulations.
  • A broad range of employee benefits
  • And more!

Can a PEO Affect Workers' Comp Rates?

Absolutely! For many roofing companies, workers' compensation insurance is one of the most expensive parts of running their business. That's where an employee leasing company can really provide relief. Businesses with a high experience modification factor because of accidents or claims can especially benefit because the employer takes on the E-mod of the PEO.

And when you use a leasing company, there are no down payments or fees, and never any year end audits. Plus, through the provider's economies of scale, you can receive big discounts of up to 40% off state rates.

PEO providers also improve your cash flow by eliminating down payments that are often required when purchasing workers' comp. Plus, the PEO company can offer workers' comp on a pay-as-you-go basis. When a certificate of insurance is needed for a job or bid, they make the process quick and easy.

Why Use ELQ?

Since 2001, employers have turned to us to find the right provider for their business. Every company is different, so is every PEO. Some specialize in workers' comp insurance for contractors, others offer multiple group healthcare plans at discounted costs. Knowing these HR outsourcing services and who can deliver the optimum benefits to you is what we do best. Give us call!